Competition winner Linnea Sigurdson, Saxnäs


Linnea Sigurdson won my Instagram competition last year.  These are some of the artistic portraits I made of her on her special place in Saxnäs, Lapland, Northern Sweden.

With a photo of the mountain Stöken in Saxnäs and beautiful words about it she totally nailed it. Linnea is originally from Umeå but a few years ago she lived in Saxnäs while she recorded her movie “Snorklaren från Malgomaj” which is a documentary about the people in small villages in Northern Sweden. The central character of the movie, Nils Åslund, is a good friend of hers and we stayed in his house with his family. I could do a whole blog post about them because they were so awesome and chill. Thank you Nils and Helena for welcoming me to your home!

“My father once said that I many times show up in surpricing ways and that he might as well could find me sleeping under a fir.”   – Linnea Sigurdson

While getting to know Linnea and Saxnäs better she told me so many stories about her life. Some of them really got to me and shaped the way I portraited her. During the long weekend we explored many parts of inner and outer Saxnäs. The really nice surprice was Ricklundgården, a residence for artists, in Italian style. We got the place to ourselves for a couple of hours and it was absolutely outstanding. Linnea just fitted in!

Linnea and I met many years ago at Berghs School of Communication where we studied graphic design. I wish that I knew her then the way I do now. She is one of the most relaxed people I’ve met and she’s one of those people you can feel comfortable with even during quiet moments. But mostly we had so many interesting conversations and I really miss them today.  I can’t wait to return.  To visit – My good friend embraced by fir.