Lisbon Colours


Here is a sneak peek of what I’ve been having fun with lately. While exploring Lisbon I have fallen in love with many things, two of them being the houses with decorative tiles – the azulejos, and the most important thing – the kindness and welcoming from the people.

As a foreigner trying to make new friends in a new country it’s very tricky to find a channel to reach in. Without friends you don’t get to see much of what a new country has to offer, and you get lonely. But there is something magic about Lisbon and its people. Never have I felt so welcomed and appreciated in such short time. Because of this I promise myself to be better in helping people who come to visit my country – for I know the happiness it will bring.

So, to tribute this experience I wanted to portrait Lisbon with it’s people and give you all the colours I have in my heart for them. This project will be ongoing because this love will never stop. Contributers so far: Francisca Ribeiro, Jens Selin, Alexandre Neves, Ines Marques, David Kong, Lara Lopes, Henrique Serrano, Patricia Costa, Anders Tidbeck, Anna Maria Liljestrand and little Luna.

If you are a Lisbon person, and you feel like you want to contribute to these colours please drop me an email and tell me your story. I hope I get to see you some day!